Mapping out the ideal path.

Motivating English language pathways for young learners.

High Peak Publishing develop models to make teaching easier and learning simply fun.

No vocabulary sets or grammatical structures to remember.

No pressure to memorise lists of words, or understand structures means that learners build their confidence.

Use English to participate in fully inclusive, fun activities.

Classrooms are filled with games to play, craft to make, songs to sing, and stories to share.

Support young learners confidence to speak.

The fear of speaking is taken away with a trial and error approach to language.

English is the tool not the target.

English language is used naturally to explore age appropriate themes.

    High Peak Publishing have helped teachers and young learners to find a renewed joy in the English language classroom.

    We produce materials suitable for those who find EFL course books too restrictive, but materials for native speakers of English inappropriate for their classroom.

    Our book series and materials come with support and guidance to form a practical system in which language learning truly takes place.

    Working with High Peak Publishing allows teachers to move away from memorisation, and concentrate on developing attitudes and skills required for life-long language learning.

    High Peak Publishing believe that young learners and very young learners can only learn a language through natural exposure as they play and explore.

    Young learners must also be allowed the freedom to explore the language. They should be free to develop at their own pace while experimenting with English, as they do with their first language.

    Teachers need a balance of flexibility and support in the materials they use. They should be given the opportunity to present language in a natural fashion away from the restrictions of traditional ELT course books.

    The COOKIE in our model is made of three parts: The dough is the most important part, holding the cookie together. It represents all the opportunities that learners have to hear natural language. The shape of the cookie represents our themes which give shape to our lessons, and focuses our language in one area.
    The cookie is finished of with tiny sweet drops of language teaching.


    The COLLABORATIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING in our CELL model encourages learners to acquire new language and to share their learning along the way. They teach the English they know to their families, friends and the wider school community.

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